Monday, December 20, 2010

The 25 Days of Christmas Day 19

Pretend Christmas

My mom's side of the family does Christmas a weekend early.  We get together for "Christmas Eve" and "Christmas Day" but it is just a whole week early.  On Christmas Eve, as I mentioned, we went to a show in downtown San Antonio.  On Christmas Day we read the Christmas Story from The Message.  My grandmother quickly replied, "Well, that's a different interpretation."  I though it was cute.  We try to keep her young, but I think she would rather us not.  Then we opened gifts.  My mom's family draws names, so that every adult gets one gift for another adult and then we get for the kids in the family.  We take part of the money we saved from buying gifts for everyone and donate it to a charity.  The person who hosts gets to choose the charity.  I like this system.  It is simple and helps us remember that really we don't need more stuff, but our money can make a difference in the lives of those around the world that truly do need basic things.  Here are a few fun photos from "Pretend Christmas" and one from the day after where Little Britches is putting her gifts to good use.
Best picture we could get of 3 wiggly cousins

My grandmother not appreciating technology

Reading with Daddy

Loving the kitten Aunt Becca got her

Pretend Christmas can wear you out!

Putting her gifts to good use!

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